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Keep Youth on Top of Their Academics? Text Them.

In a 2015 Huffington Post article, author Sam Levine argues that we may be able to get students to participate more in time-sensitive or descision-making activities if we connect with them though text messages. Citing a number of state, federal and institutional campaigns recently using texting and emails to get stronger responses from audiences, Levine…

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Summer Safety and Summer Enrichment Go Hand in Hand!

Summer schedules present many students with more free time than they traditionally have during the school year. The U.S. Military Health System spoke recently with Army Lt. Col. Jean Burr, Chief of Adolescent Medicine at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center about the risks associated with youth and summertime activities: “summer presents a special problem because…

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Youth and Summer Safety Summer is upon us! June is National Safety Month and school programs and families are encouraged to remember summertime safety needs of youth. The Center for Disease Control’s 2016 summer recommendations include reviewing heat and sun safety, safe water practices, safe home and camp behaviors, and can be found at…

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