EdTech Company Revolutionizes Data Gathering in Schools with Online Survey Platform

Murrieta, California – Vanden Corporation, a provider of educational solutions, announced the launch of Direction Survey.  Direction Survey is a data-gathering tool, enabling schools access to a bank of education related questions, where they can create their own surveys for students, staff and parents.  Using the latest technology and a mobile friendly platform, schools are able to generate a survey, administer it online and have results back to analyze within minutes.

John Vandenburgh, CEO of Vanden says, “Schools no longer can afford to rely on paper surveys alone to get the pulse of their school climate.  Paper surveys simply take too much time, money, and resources.  Direction Survey combines mobile friendly surveys with valuable trending capabilities for schools.  Schools realize the importance of data being used in program planning, and use this to make sure they are going in the right direction.”

Direction Survey gives schools local control to track behavioral trends which are relevant in their community.  It also goes beyond just data gathering.  Direction Survey guides schools and its’ users to resources.  No longer does school staff have to look at data and ask themselves, “Now what?” Direction Survey has put together a bank of resources aligned to the topics of the survey questions.  When behavior is identified as being abnormal, users are guided to a series of activities available for immediate use as well as online links to resources, funding opportunities and interventions for the identified at-risk behavior.

To strengthen Direction Survey, Vanden Corporation partners with Universities to analyze data, assess survey questions and develop topic specific surveys for users to also access.  A research team from Georgia Southern University was the first to partner with Vanden and together they developed a Bullying Survey available to all schools using Direction Survey.

To help schools across the country easily gather more data, Vanden has announced they will be hosting two Data Days during the school year.  The first Data Day will take place on April 19, 2016.  Vandenburgh stated, “Our goal is to give Direction Survey away for free and have at least 500 schools, survey 25% of their campus.  This will result in over 125,000 students being surveyed on one day.  Data day will be the first of its kind; a nationwide effort to get a “pulse” on student behavior in our schools”.  Ten Schools in each state will be given free access to Direction Survey for 6 months by participating.  Schools interested in joining the efforts of Data Days are encouraged to fill out the application on www.directionsurvey.com.

Vanden is committed to providing schools with current tools, merging years of experience in the education sector with an extensive background in building solutions to address issues schools face day in and day out.   “With the passing of the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), school districts are now able to take control of their plans at the local level.  Measuring student behavior needs to be part of school plans.  Schools using Direction Survey will be able to develop surveys that align with their local control accountability plans.”

Direction Survey is an annual subscription of $295.00 for unlimited use. For more information on Direction Survey, visit www.directionsurvey.com.

For questions and inquiries, contact Vanden Corporation: Contact Us | 866.403.9484